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Oasis architectural design including ParaTime and consensus layers

The Oasis architecture is designed to have a simple, robust consensus layer on top which connects handful of ParaTimes executing smart contracts. DApp developers may choose among those ParaTimes depending on whether they require confidentiality and/or EVM-compatibility.

Learn more by exploring the ParaTimes below!

EVM-compatibleOasis Wasm

🗃️ Sapphire

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🗃️ Cipher

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🗃️ Emerald

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In addition to building fully native dApps running on one of the Oasis ParaTimes, you can also add privacy to your existing dApps running on other, non-confidential chains, and only use Oasis as a privacy service.

The Oasis team prepared a rich cross-chain toolkit called the Oasis Privacy Layer. It consists of solidity precompiles integrating bridges and wrapping the OpenZeppelin ERC2771 contract on top of Sapphire, demonstrates best practices for writing confidential smart contracts and working examples for you to explore and extend.

🗃️ Oasis Privacy Layer

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