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Emerald ParaTime

Emerald is our official ParaTime which executes smart contracts inside the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Emerald allows for:

  • Full EVM compatibility
  • Easy integration with EVM-based dApps, such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and crypto gaming
  • Scalability: increased throughput of transactions
  • Low-cost: 99%+ lower fees than Ethereum
  • 6 second finality (1 block)
  • Cross-chain bridge to enable cross-chain interoperability (upcoming)

If you're looking for EVM, but with confidentiality, check out the Sapphire ParaTime.

Chain Information


  • Network name: emerald
  • Long network name: Oasis Emerald
  • Chain ID:
    • Hex: 0xa516
    • Decimal: 42262


  • Network name: emerald-testnet
  • Long network name: Oasis Emerald Testnet
  • Chain ID:
    • Hex: 0xa515
    • Decimal: 42261

RPC Endpoints


The RPC endpoint is a point of trust. Beside traffic rate limiting, it can also perform censorship or even a man-in-the-middle attack. If you have security considerations, we strongly recommend that you set up your own ParaTime client node and the Web3-compatible gateway.

You can connect to one of the public Web3 gateways below (in alphabetic order):

ProviderMainnet RPC URLsTestnet RPC URLs
Oasis Protocol Foundation

Public RPCs may have rate limits or traffic restrictions. For professional, dedicated RPC endpoints, consider the following providers (in alphabetic order):


Block Explorers

ProviderMainnet URLTestnet URLEIP-3091 compatible
Oasis Protocol Foundation

If you are running your own Emerald endpoint or a block explorer, and you wish to be added to the public list above, open an issue at

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