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Sapphire ParaTime

The Sapphire ParaTime is our official confidential EVM Compatible ParaTime providing a smart contract development environment with EVM compatibility.

As the official confidential EVM-compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network, Sapphire allows for:

  • Confidential state, end-to-end encryption, confidential randomness
  • EVM compatibility
  • Easy integration with EVM-based dApps, such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and crypto gaming
  • Scalability — increased throughput of transactions
  • Low-cost — 99%+ lower fees than Ethereum
  • 6 second finality (1 block)
  • Cross-chain bridge to enable cross-chain interoperability (upcoming)

If you are not bound to EVM and you wish to develop dApps with more fine-grained confidentiality, check out the Cipher ParaTime.

Web3 Gateway

To get started building on our Sapphire ParaTime, you can use our public Web3 gateway, fully compatible with Ethereum's Web3 gateway.


  • RPC HTTP endpoint:
  • RPC WebSockets endpoint: wss://
  • Chain ID:
    • Hex: 0x5afe
    • Decimal: 23294
  • Block explorer:


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