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Delegation Policy

Oasis Protocol Foundation delegates ROSE tokens to node operators based on their participation in the Oasis Mainnet, Testnet and ParaTimes on the network, node reliability and performance, community engagement and overall support of the network.

This page describes the Oasis Protocol Foundation's Delegation Policy.

Requirements for Receiving Delegations

Code of Conduct

  1. Ensure commission rates and commission rate bounds are no greater than 20%.
  2. Ensure commission rates are +/- 10% of the weighted median network commission rate.
  3. Ensure your entity’s website, social media and/or contact info in the Oasis Metadata Registry is up-to-date.
  4. Do not use 'Oasis' in your entity name, and do not use any Oasis Foundation logos or branding in your entity logo.
  5. Refrain from dishonest, fraudulent or malicious behavior.
  6. Participate in on-chain governance and network upgrades proposed by Oasis Foundation.
  7. Be available and coordinate with the node operator community in case of unplanned network upgrades.

If there is any violation of the above Code of Conduct, Oasis Foundation reserves the right to revoke your entire delegation.

Performance Requirements

  1. Maintain active validator status.
  2. Maintain >99% uptime for your validator node as well as Emerald and/or Cipher ParaTime nodes (if you run them).
  3. Ensure your nodes are upgraded within 1 hour after a planned network upgrade.
  4. Ensure your nodes are upgraded within 24 hours after an unplanned network upgrade.

If any of the above Performance Requirements is not met, Oasis Foundation reserves the right to revoke delegations. If you run into a complex technical issue that prevents your node from meeting the above Performance Requirements, please reach out to the Oasis team as soon as possible.

How to Earn Delegations?

  • Have a meaningful amount of self-delegation and/or delegations from the Oasis community.
  • Operate Emerald and/or Cipher ParaTime nodes on Mainnet.
  • Operate validator and/or ParaTime nodes on Testnet
  • Participate in community discussion on the network’s future roadmap.
  • Actively participate on the Oasis Network Community server on Discord and help answer questions from other community members.
  • Build or contribute to tools, services or dApps that benefit developers, node operators and/or the overall Oasis community.
  • Contribute code to Oasis projects.
  • Find and report issues related to any of the network protocols and/or their implementations.
  • Demonstrate a track record of successfully operating nodes on other major networks.