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These are the current parameters for the Mainnet:

  • Genesis file:
    • SHA256: bb379c0202cf82404d75a3ebc6466b0c3b98f32fac62111ee4736a59d2d3f266

Genesis file is signed by network's current maintainers. To verify its authenticity, follow the PGP verification instructions.

  • Genesis document's hash (explanation):
    • b11b369e0da5bb230b220127f5e7b242d385ef8c6f54906243f30af63c815535
  • Oasis seed node address:
    • E27F6B7A350B4CC2B48A6CBE94B0A02B0DCB0BF3@

Feel free to use other seed nodes besides the one provided here.


The Oasis Node is part of the Oasis Core release.


Do not use a newer version of Oasis Core since it likely contains changes that are incompatible with the version of Oasis Core used by other nodes.

If you want to join our Testnet, see the Testnet docs for the current Testnet parameters.


This section contains parameters for various ParaTimes known to be deployed on the Mainnet.

Cipher ParaTime

  • Oasis Core version:
  • Runtime identifier:
    • 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000e199119c992377cb
  • Runtime binary version:
  • IAS proxy address:
    • tnTwXvGbbxqlFoirBDj63xWtZHS20Lb3fCURv0YDtYw=@

Feel free to use other IAS proxies besides the one provided here or run your own.

Emerald ParaTime

  • Oasis Core version:
  • Runtime identifier:
    • 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000e2eaa99fc008f87f
  • Runtime binary version (or build your own):
  • Emerald Web3 Gateway version:

Check the Emerald ParaTime page on how to access the public Web3 gateway.