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Wiping Node State

In certain situations, you may need to do a complete node redeployment with a clean state. Two common scenarios for this are during a breaking network upgrade or in cases of severe data corruption. If you need to wipe your node due to severe corruption, it's important to note that your node will need some time to catch up with the rest of the network.

The following instructions are based on the assumption that you have defined your datadir as /node/data in your node's configuration.

State Wipe and Keep Node Identity


Note that by default, the --preserve.mkvs_database flag is set to true, preserving the runtime/paratime state.

To wipe consensus state while preserving the runtime/paratime state follow these instructions:

  1. Stop the oasis-node server process (this will depend on your own deployment setup).

  2. Remove consensus state using the oasis-node unsafe-reset command:

    # Do a dry run first to see which files will get deleted.
    oasis-node unsafe-reset \
    --datadir=/node/data \

    # Delete.
    oasis-node unsafe-reset \
    --datadir /node/data
  3. Start the oasis-node server process.


oasis-node is very strict regarding the ownership of the files. If you encounter the following error:

common/Mkdir: path '/node/data' has invalid owner: 1000. Expected owner: 0

you need to run the oasis-node command as the exact user that owns the files, e.g.:

sudo --user=#1000 -- oasis-node unsafe-reset --datadir=/node/data --dry_run --log.level info

Full State Wipe


This is likely not what you want to do. This is destructive and will result in losing private state required to operate the given node. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. A full state wipe will also mean that you'll need to generate a new node identity (or copy the old one).

To perform a full state wipe follow these steps:

  1. Stop the oasis-node server process (this will depend on your own deployment setup)
  2. Remove the /node/data directory.
  3. Redeploy your node. You'll need to copy your Node artifacts or create brand new ones.