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Getting Started

Use Oasis

These guides provide general overview of the Oasis Network and introduce basic tools for you to get started.

Get Involved

Contains information on official channels to get in touch with the Oasis Network developers and how to contribute to the network.

Run your own Node

If you want to run your own Oasis node, the following section will provide you with guides on the current Mainnet and Testnet network parameters and how to set up your node, let it be a validator node, perhaps running a ParaTime or just a simple client node for your server to submit transactions and perform queries on the network.

DApps and ParaTime Developers

These two sections are focused on developers building applications on top of the Oasis Network. Smart contract developers will be interested in the EVM-compatible Emerald and confidential Sapphire ParaTimes. For maximum security and confidentiality, the Oasis team designed a novel Cipher ParaTime executing Wasm smart contracts and which allows you to develop smart contracts in Rust using the Oasis Contract SDK. Finally, developers can learn how to build their own ParaTime running on the Oasis Network.

Oasis Core Contributors

Whether you want to contribute your code to the core components of the Oasis Network or just learn more about the Oasis core, this is the place for you.