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Oasis Command Line Interface

Oasis command-line interface (CLI) is a powerful all-in-one tool for interacting with the Oasis Network. You can download the latest release binaries from the GitHub repository.

It boasts a number of handy features:

  • Flexible setup:
    • supports Mainnet, Testnet, Localnet or any other deployment of the Oasis network
    • consensus layer configuration with arbitrary token
    • configuration of custom ParaTimes with arbitrary token
    • connecting to remote (via TCP/IP) or local (Unix socket) Oasis node instance
  • Powerful wallet features:
    • standard token operations (transfers, allowances, deposits, withdrawals and balance queries)
    • file-based wallet with password protection
    • full Ledger hardware wallet support
    • address book
    • generation, signing and submitting transactions in non-interactive (headless) mode
    • offline transaction generation for air-gapped machines
    • transaction encryption with X25519-Deoxys-II envelope
    • support for Ed25519, Ethereum-compatible Secp256k1 and Sr25519 signature schemes
    • raw, BIP-44, ADR-8 and Ledger's legacy derivation paths
  • Node operator features:
    • Oasis node inspection and healthchecks
    • network governance transactions
    • staking reward schedule transactions
  • Developer features:
    • built-in testing accounts compatible with the Oasis test runner, the Oasis CI and the official Sapphire and Emerald Localnet Docker images
    • Oasis Wasm smart contract code deployment, instantiation, management and calls
    • debugging tools for deployed Wasm contracts
    • inspection of blocks, transactions, results and events