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On-chain voting is the basis for any decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that would like to foster bottom-up decision making. In this tutorial, you will create a secret ballot dApp that can only be built with the Oasis Privacy Layer.

Why is this important? Privacy protects the voter (DAO token holder) from intimidation and bullying when exercising their right of participation, such as on a protocol. Vote organizers can encourage participation with ballots not only by protecting the identity of voters, but also by sealing the results of an ongoing vote, giving the same weight to the first and last votes.

Getting Started

If you have made a dApp before, then you likely know most if not all of the tools covered here! But even if you haven't used all of these tools listed, you should still keep going! We will do this together.

By the end of this tutorial, we will have:

  • written smart contracts using the OPL library
  • used Hardhat development environment for OPL
  • used Hardhat Deploy to deploy smarts contracts to a testnet.
  • used Pinata to store simple JSON data. Not everything has to go on a blockchain.
  • used Celer to pass messages cross multiple chains
  • built a simple Vue.JS app to interact with our dApp through MetaMask.