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Download and Run

Download the latest release here and extract it to your favorite application folder.


Oasis is currently providing official amd64 for Linux and ARM builds for MacOS. If you want to run it on another platform, you will have to build it from source.


We suggest that you update your system path to include a directory containing the oasis binary or create a symbolic link to oasis in your system path, so you can access it globally.

Run the Oasis CLI by typing oasis.

CLI for interacting with the Oasis network

oasis [command]

Available Commands:
account Account operations
addressbook Manage addresses in the local address book
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
contract WebAssembly smart contracts operations
help Help about any command
network Consensus layer operations
paratime ParaTime layer operations
transaction Raw transaction operations
wallet Manage accounts in the local wallet

--config string config file to use
-h, --help help for oasis
-v, --version version for oasis

Use "oasis [command] --help" for more information about a command.

When running the Oasis CLI for the first time, it will generate a configuration file and populate it with the current Mainnet and Testnet networks. It will also configure all ParaTimes supported by the Oasis Foundation.


The configuration folder of Oasis CLI is located:

  • on Windows:
    • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\oasis\
  • on macOS:
    • /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/oasis/
  • on Linux:
    • $HOME/.config/oasis/

There, you will find cli.toml which contains the configuration of the networks, ParaTimes and your wallet. Additionally, each file-based account in your wallet will have a separate, password-encrypted JSON file in the same folder named after the name of the account with the .wallet extension.

Multiple Profiles

You can utilize multiple profiles of your Oasis CLI. To create a new profile, move your existing configuration folder to another place, for example:

mv $HOME/.config/oasis $HOME/.config/oasis_dev

Then, invoke oasis with arbitrary command to set up a fresh configuration folder under ~/.config/oasis. For example:

oasis wallet list

Now you can switch between the oasis_dev and the new profile by passing --config parameter pointing to cli.toml in the desired configuration folder.

oasis wallet list --config ~/.config/oasis_dev/cli.toml
ACCOUNT                         KIND                            ADDRESS
oscar file (ed25519-adr8:0) oasis1qp87hflmelnpqhzcqcw8rhzakq4elj7jzv090p3e

Back Up Your Wallet

To back up your complete Oasis CLI configuration including your wallet, archive the configuration folder containing cli.toml and .wallet files.