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ROSE Wallet - Browser Extension



Currently, the ROSE Wallet - Browser Extension only supports Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers.

You can install the ROSE Wallet - Browser Extension by heading to the Chrome Web Store.

ROSE Wallet Extension - chrome web store

Next, either create a new wallet or restore your existing one.

Create a New Account

Enter the new wallet password. You will need to enter this password each time you open the wallet and after some time when the wallet automatically locks. Click "Next".

Create new wallet: Enter password

The newly generated mnemonic is shown to you. Carefully back it up. You will need this mnemonic, to migrate the wallet to another device or to restore it, if you uninstall your web browser. Click on the "Confirm backup" button.


Your mnemonic phrase is required to access your wallet. Be sure to store it in a secure location. If you lose or forget your mnemonic phrase, you will lose access to your wallet and any token funds contained in it.


Never share your mnemonic keyphrase. Anyone with your keyphrase can access your wallet and your tokens.

Now reenter the mnemonic words as a proof that you backed up the mnemonic and click on the "Confirm" button. Once done, you will see your balance on the Oasis consensus layer.

Account history

Import an Existing Account

In the top-right corner, click your account icon to open the Account management menu.

Account Management - Importing Accounts

Click "Import" and select the:

  • "Oasis Private Key" to import your existing Oasis private key to be used by Cipher ParaTime; or
  • "Ethereum-compatible Private Key" to import your existing Ethereum Account to be used by the EVM-compatible Sapphire or Emerald.

We assume that you already have your public/private keypair. If you don’t have one yet, please go and create one. Store your Private Key, because you will need it in the ROSE Wallet - Browser Extension.

Importing Ethereum-compatible Account with Private Key

Fill in the "Account name" that will appear later in the Account Management screen.

Imported Account Name

Next, paste your Base64-encoded Oasis or hex-encoded Ethereum private key.


You will need to import the private key and not the mnemonics. You can derive a private key from the mnemonics with BIP39→BIP44 converter. For example by importing the mnemonic into the Oasis CLI and exporting it.

Entering Ethereum address Private Key (BIP44)

Your newly imported account will, depending on the account type, appear under the "Oasis Account" or "Ethereum-compatible Account" sections in the Account Management screen. Check that the Oasis or Ethereum address shown at the bottom that it matches the address shown to you when you generated the keypair.


In older versions of the ROSE Wallet - Browser Extension there was also another Bech32-encoded version of the Ethereum address shown in the Ethereum-compatible wallet. This address is used in the backend for setting the allowance policy on the Oasis Network. If you can see it, you should immediately update your Wallet Extension! The Bech32-encoded address of the Ethereum-compatible account must never be used for withdrawing ROSE to. The signature schemes are incompatible (the consensus layer only supports Ed25519) and those tokens will not be accessible anymore!

Account Management - Accounts Overview


  1. Plug your Ledger device into your computer and log into the Oasis app on-device

Oasis App Ready on Ledger Nano S connected to your device

  1. Open the Oasis Chrome Extension Wallet and click the account icon on the top right. Select Ledger on the bottom right of the app.

Unlock your ROSE Wallet Browser Extension

  1. Follow user onboarding flow clicking "Next" as you move forward with set up.

  2. You'll see a pop-up in your Chrome Browser asking you to select which device to connect. Click on your Ledger device. Then click "Connect".


    You may need to resize the pop up window to see all buttons.

Confirm your Ledger device and Import

  1. Follow the next onboarding steps to upload the correct Ledger account, clicking "Confirm" when complete.

Confirm your account(s) from Ledger for Import

  1. Use your Ledger to send, receive and stake on the Oasis Network!


  1. Click the avatar on the top right corner
  2. Pick an account you want to transfer tokens out of
  3. Click "Send"
  4. Type in the token amount under "Amount"
  5. Type in the Receiver’s wallet address
  6. Click "Next"
  7. Check the "Send Details"; if everything looks good to you, click "Confirm"
  8. Wait for a couple of seconds, and you’ll get a status update of your transaction
  9. Go back to the Account page, and you’ll see the transfer has gone through


  1. Click "Staking" on the Account main page
  2. Go to "Validator node", and select a node you want to delegate your tokens to.
  3. Click into the node you want to delegate your tokens to, and click "Add Escrow"
  4. Fill in the amount you want to delegate under "Amount" and click "Next"
  5. Check the "Delegate info", if everything looks good to you, click "Confirm"
  6. Go to "My delegate" and you will see which node you just delegated tokens to and by how much


Switch to the ParaTimes tab to deposit and withdraw ROSE to or from the ParaTimes.

The ParaTimes tab


At time of writing, depositing and withdrawing ROSE to and from ParaTimes works only for the accounts imported from the private key or the mnemonic. If you want to use a hardware wallet, please use the Oasis CLI.

For the sake of demonstration, we'll continue with the Sapphire ParaTime, but the Emerald or Cipher ParaTimes work just as well. Under the Sapphire label click on the "To ParaTime" button.

Fill in the "Amount" of ROSE that you want to transfer to Sapphire and, in our case, your Ethereum-compatible address in the "To" field you imported/created before. Then, click "Next", review and confirm the transaction.

Sending ROSE to Sapphire

If everything goes well, you will see a successful ParaTime transaction in your account history.

Account history

You can check the balance of your consensus and ParaTime accounts by opening the Account Management screen and selecting the corresponding account. Then click on the back arrow. The Wallet tab will show you the balance on the consensus layer and for ParaTimes navigate to the ParaTimes tab. There you will notice the available amount of ROSE per each ParaTime.

ROSE balance in Sapphire

For EVM-compatible ParaTimes, you can as well verify the balance in Metamask or a built-in wallet in the Brave browser:

Metamask - Received ROSE